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You've put lots of time and effort into getting your business where it is today, let us help you keep moving forward!  


Our Mission

Wireless Media Technologies' mission is to provide quality service and support to the small and mid-size businesses that most companies often overlook.

We understand that with the fast pace of change in today's technology it can be hard for your business to keep up with the latest innovations and solutions. This is why we exist, to help you move your business forward.


Our Services

Information Technology is what we do, from setting up your wireless network to configuring a file server. Besides basic small office services we also offer more advanced services such as planning for and migrating systems into the cloud or even designing and implementing your own virtual infrastructure. Everyone should be concerned with security which is why we can help you implement policies, procedures and systems to protect your business including CCTV security systems.

  Your Features

     + Security
    + Service
    + Great price
    + Reliability

    + and more...